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You are viewing BMP records related to the Record of Decision for the Final Supplement to the Montana Statewide Oil and Gas Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Amendment of the Powder River and Billings Resource Management Plans publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
3997 Advise personnel to minimize stopping vehicles in big game winter ranger. "Personnel will be advised to minimize stopping and exiting their vehicles in big game winter range."
4018 Apply dust suppressants. "Mitigation measures may include... applying dust suppressants."
3978 Apply mitigation features on roads to reduce plover mortality. "Construct speed bumps, use signing or post speed limits as necessary to reduce vehicle speeds near mountain plover habitat."
3967 Apply raptor protection measures in event of raptor mortality. "When raptor mortalities occur on existing lines and structures, raptor protection measures are to be applied (e.g., modify for raptor-safe ...
3918 Avoid disturbance to prairie dog towns. "Disturbance to prairie dog towns will be avoided where possible."
3961 Avoid high avian use areas when placing lines. "Lines should avoid high avian use areas such as wetlands, prairie dog towns, and grouse leks."
4027 Avoid impacting culturally significant springs. "Operators may be required to avoid impacting culturally significant springs as part of the mitigation plan developed under Section 106 of the ...
3935 Build steep shorelines around impoundments. To Control West Nile Virus: "Build steep shorelines to reduce shallow water and aquatic vegetation around the perimeter of impoundments."
3956 Bury distribution lines. "Bury distribution lines where feasible."
4006 Bury lines in sage-grouse and plover habitat. "Bury lines in sage-grouse and mountain plover habitat, when feasible."
3996 Close roads during crucial periods. "Road closures may be implemented during crucial periods (e.g., extreme winter conditions, and calving/fawning seasons)."
3984 Concentrate energy related facilities. "Concentrate energy-related facilities when practicable."
4035 Conduct evaluations for production wells. "To protect Reservation groundwater the operator will be required to conduct geologic and hydrologic evaluations for CBNG production wells to be ...
3937 Construct dams or impoundments. To Control West Nile Virus: "Construct dams or impoundments that restrict down slope seepage or overflow."
3940 Construct spillway with steep sides. To Control West Nile Virus: "Construct the spillway with steep sides to preclude the accumulation of shallow water and vegetation."
4023 Consult to determine important hunting, fishing, and gathering sites. "Operators will be required to consult with the Northern Cheyenne Cultural Commission to determine the location of any important hunting, fishing, ...
4031 Contact coroner if human remains are found. "Should human remains be discovered during construction the county coroner shall be called and briefed on the circumstances of the discovery."
3919 Controlled Surface Use at prairie dog towns occupied by Mountain Plover. "Any active prairie dog town occupied by mountain plover will have Controlled Surface Use between April 1 and July 31, which may be reduced to ...
3960 Cover arrestors and cutouts. "Employ covers for arrestors and cutouts."
3963 Cover exposed distribution line jumpers. "Cover exposed jumpers."
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