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BMP of Oil and Gas Development

Searching the BMP Database, Bibliography, and Website

The BMP database includes over 8,000 BMP entries from over 400 source documents, with numerous parameters such as topic categories, species identifications, and location information. See below for more information on the Basic and Advanced database search options, as well as an options for searching the Bibliography and website. Go to our Help Page for additional information.

Basic BMP Search

Use the Basic Search for simple searches of the BMP database. The search will match ANY keywords in the text or short title of the BMP. If you would like to refine the basic search, use + in front of words that you would like to see in the search results and - in front of words that you want to eliminate from the results (for example, +sage -grouse would results in BMPs about sage but not sage grouse). The search results will include the short title and full text fields only.

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Bibliography Search

The bibliography includes source documents (from which we have derived BMPs for the BMP database) and supplemental documents (documents linked to and providing additional information about individual BMPs and/or documents cited on our Resource pages). Use the search page to find one or several documents or go the full listing to see all of our source and supplemental documents.

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Website Search

The Intermountain Oil and Gas Project Website contains information related to oil and gas development, including law and policy, the effects on natural resources, technology, case studies, and the development process. Search the pages of this website through a keyword search. Search results may also contain BMP and Bibliographic entries.

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Advanced BMP Search

To obtain a more narrow or detailed list of search results, use the Advanced Search of the BMP database. The keyword search can match any or all words and will search in most fields or the Title and Text only, depending on your search preferences. To further refine your search you can also select specific parameters for your search, including category, species, state, specific oil/gas field, and timing. Finally, you can choose the fields that you would like displayed in the search results, including source publication, and then export your findings into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Comparative Law Search – LawAtlas

This searchable database compares statutes and regulations on oil and gas across several states. The first component addresses water quality law in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Statutes and regulations are organized into five stages of the development lifecycle: (1) Permitting, Design and Construction, (2) Well Drilling, (3) Well Completion, (4) Production and Operations, and (5) Reclamation.

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