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Best Management Practices In Depth

Encana and the Lifespan Planning Approach

[Reclamation] — Encana has found that successful initial reclamation, guided every step of the process by Lifespan Planning, can greatly increase final reclamation success and significantly lower costs by eliminating the direct and indirect costs of failed reclamation attempts.

Colorado Drill Cuttings Injection Pilot Results

[Solid Waste] — From December 2007 through April 2011, ExxonMobil Development Company conducted a two-phase drill cuttings injection pilot in Western Colorado in an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of drilling operations. This was the first subsurface injection of drill cuttings in Colorado and utilized a lost circulation zone. The operator demonstrated injection as a technically feasible option for drilling waste disposal during full-field development.

Community Spotlight: Battlement Mesa, Colorado

[Communities] — Battlement Mesa, located in Garfield County, Colorado, is home to approximately 5,000 residents and a Planned Urban Development (PUD). Oil and gas development has been proposed within the PUD and both the proximity of planned wells to PUD houses and the split between surface and mineral ownership makes drilling for natural gas in Battlement Mesa controversial.

Community Spotlight: Watershed Plan for the Town of Palisade and the City of Grand Junction

[Communities] — Palisade and Grand Junction, Colorado, two communities sharing a watershed and oil and gas development, have successfully worked with an oil and gas company to plan for development within the watershed in a way that protects it as much as possible and keeps the communities involved as the development progresses.

Community Spotlight: The Rifle, Silt and New Castle Community Development Plan

[Communities] — Three communities in northwestern Colorado have joined with energy companies to create a Communicty Devemoplement Plan, encouraging communication and cooperation between community members and the natural gas industry in hopes of minimizing the impacts of oil and gas development.

Bmp Spotlight: Scott Environmental Services Inc.

[Solid Waste] — Scott Environmental Services Inc. provides environmental waste management services to the oil and gas industry by offering them innovative solutions to the variety of environmental, safety, and operational problems.

Spotlight: Anadarko’s Completion Transport System — ACTS

[Development] --- Anadarko’s Completion Transport System (ACTS) is an example of centralizing storage and staging activities.  Creating temporary staging sites on existing well pad locations to treat completion/flowback fluids, the company moves filtered completion fluids by temporary pipelines directly to other well pads for completion activities.

Spotlight: QEP Reclamation

[Reclamation] - QEP's Enhanced Reclamation Program provides guidelines to help ensure successful reclamation following disturbance.

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