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BMP ID: 5753
Title: An emphasis on inspection, enforcement, and bonding
Text: 3. Protect the public interest: "An equal emphasis in New Mexico should be placed on inspection, enforcement and bonding, as well as permitting wells. This emphasis will require that both state and federal permitting agencies have at least one inspector for every 500 active, inactive and known abandoned wells, with convenient public access to reports."
Source Publication Name: Doing It Right: Best Oil & Gas Development Practices for New Mexico
Citation Section: 3. Protect the public interest
Citation Page: 3
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Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Production / Operation / Maintenance
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Primary Contact: Earthworks
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Categories: Land Surface Disturbance
Location: New Mexico
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Date Entered: 2009-06-21 14:49 UTC
Last Updated: 2009-06-22 10:39 UTC