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BMP ID: 6177
Title: Use pneumatic drilling when possible
Text: "Drilling Techniques That Use Less Drilling Fluid: Pneumatic Drilling: In selected formations, wells can be drilled using air or other gases as the fluid that circulates through the drilling system. DOE (1999) describes four different types of pneumatic drilling: air dust drilling, air mist drilling, foam drilling, and aerated mud drilling. These all rely on gas or blends of gas and mud to lift cuttings to the surface. Pneumatic drilling often does not require the large surface reserve pits common to traditional drilling. Thus, this technique can be used in environmentally sensitive areas."
Source Publication Name: Drilling Waste Management Information System
Citation Section: Technology Descriptions: Fact Sheet - Drilling Practices That Minimize Generation of Drilling Wastes
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Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Drilling
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Surface Ownership: • Federal
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• Private
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
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Primary Contact: Argonne National Laboratory
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Alternate Contact: National Energy Technology Laboratory
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Categories: Land Surface Disturbance
Location: General / Federal
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