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Citation Label: GEN007
Publication Name: Cost-effective methane emissions reductions for small and midsize natural gas producers
Publication Type: Journal
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Author Name: Fernandez, Roger
Other Authors: Robin Petrusak; Donald Robinson; Duane Zavadil
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Publication Year: 2005
Publication No.: Journal of Petroleum Technology, Reprint of June 2005 issue
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Local Source File: GEN07-Cost-EffectiveMethaneEmissionsReductionsforSmallandMidsizeNaturalGasProducers.pdf
Annotation: The article provides information on methane emission reduction options, developed by operators and promoted by the U.S. Natural Gas STAR Program, that are economic for small and midsize producers. The case studies describe 25 cost-effective methane emission reduction technologies and practices and provide costs savings data and production characteristics to help determine where each methane savings option is most likely to work. Options for reducing methane emissions from the small to midsize natural gas producer range from cost-effective methods to find and fix fugitive emissions to installation of new technologies that frequently pay back investments in less than a year.
Required vs.
Recommended -- "This paper provides information and tools to help independent producers determine the most profitable gas emissions savings options for their operations." Introduction
Ownership: Federal, State and private -- "All of these technologies and practices have been reported by gas producers through their participation in the Natural Gas STAR Program." Introduction The Program includes operators regardless of land or mineral ownership.