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Title: Install Flash-Tank Separators on Dehydrators.
Text: Table 1â€"Cost-Effective Options for Reducing Methane Emissions: "Triethylene glycol is commonly used to remove moisture from gas. It also absorbs methane, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Dehydrators with Kimray "energy exchange" pumps require extra gas for pump power. This gas is vented to the atmosphere with the absorbed methane, VOCs, HAPs, and water vapor (approximately 1.2% of production, or 12-Mcf/D methane emissions for a 1-MMcf/D gas dehydrator). A flash-tank separator, installed between teh pump driver and glycol regenerator, operating at fuel gas system or compressor suction pressure, recovers approximately 90% of methane and 10-40% of VOCs and HAPs. Where there is a low pressure outlet for recovered gas, flash-tank separators pay back investment in less than 1 year." [see Table 2 and 3 in the source document for costs, benefits and production characteristics]
Source Publication Name: Cost-effective methane emissions reductions for small and midsize natural gas producers
Citation Section: Table 1
Citation Page: 3
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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Cost&Benefit Information: Equipment Cost = $5,000 per well; O&M Cost $/year = N/A ; Saleable Gas Saving Mcf/d = 10; Payback = Less than a year. (Price assumption $4-$7); Operating Requirements = Low pressure destination for recovered gas, i.e compressor or fuel gas system; Basis for Cost & Savings = Flash tank separator for a 20 MMcfd glycol dehydrator with a glycol circulation rate of 150gal/hr; Other Benefits = Reduce VOCs $ HAPs, Recover gas for sales or fuel use.
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