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BMP ID: 6207
Title: Use thermal distillation to purify produced water
Text: AltelaRain is currently pilot testing a new form of thermal distillation, "a process that has been used for decades to desalinate seawater for drinking water" "The AltelaRain technology is based on internal heat transfers that reuse the latent heat of condensation. Since the technology recaptures the energy previously used to evaporate water, energy costs fall to approximately 25% of comparable distillation/evaporation processes." [see Supplemental Docs for more information]
Source Publication Name: Produced Water Management Information System
Citation Section: Technology Descriptions: Fact Sheet - Thermal Distillation
Citation Page:
Supplemental Documents: An Exciting New Produced Water Concentrator Technology for Tail and Brine Waters: AltelaRainTM
Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Production / Operation / Maintenance
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Primary Contact: Argonne National Laboratory
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Alternate Contact: National Energy Technology Laboratory
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Categories: Water Quantity and Rights
Water Quality and Pollution
Location: General / Federal
Vegetation Types:
General Comments:
Cost-Benefit Analysis: May reduced energy costs "by 25%."
BMP Efficacy: Though “individual AltelaRain units are capable of processing produced water at a rate of about 8 barrels per day…the technology is modular. Multiple units, run in parallel, are able to process larger volumes.”
Date Entered: 2009-08-19 15:18 UTC
Last Updated: 2011-07-17 12:16 UTC